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How are your kids going to spend their summer?

Do your kids love video games? Are your kids interested in Technology? At Video Game Summer camp we teach teens how to build their own video games from scratch! At the heart of all video game creation is learning how to program computers. Not only will your son or daughter have fun building and sharing their own video games, they will also be using critical problem solving skills to do it!

Enrollment now open for students 10+

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What Age group is this Camp for?

We generally look for students 12 and up but we accept exceptional 10 and 11 year olds as well. Some of the content can be a little challenging so we try and find students in an appropriate age group, that being said we have had 10 and 11 year olds be very successful in the class!

How many seats are available for each Summer Camp?

We have 15 spots available for each Camp, but seats fill up fast. In order to save a seat in any of the Monthly Camps just fill out a SIGN UP form and we will confirm the spot has been reserved!

What is the Price of the summer camp?


    Special Discounts Available for:
  • Groups: If you plan on enrolling more than one student each student receives a 10% discount on the Camp. Save some money by inviting your kid's friends to enroll at the same time or by enrolling 2 of your video game loving kids!
  • Girls: As Part of Google's "Get Girls Into Coding" Initiative, we offer a 20% discount for any girl wanting to come to the Summer Camp.
  • Early Sign-Ups: If you are planning on enrolling your kid in the Camp at one of our later sessions during July or August, Sign them up before June 7, 2016 to get 10% off

Why should you sign your kids up for this Summer Camp?

At Video Game Summer Camp we teach kids how to build their own custom video games. In our line of work we have seen how passionate kids can be about Technology and Video Games so we decided to start This Summer Camp to channel that passion into a productive and rewarding experience for kids. In a very fun and interactive environment we teach kids how to code their very own custom games using a principles of computer programming that can apply to other coding problems and provides a foundation for a pursuit of learning about technology. After last summer most of our students went on to continue developing their passion of building games and learning to code by joining after school programs and continuing in some of our other classes. By the end of the Summer Camp each student will have built many games that they can share with their friends and family!